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Production and Sandbox Endpoints

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This API provides functionality for registration of certified TPP´s. Use this API to register your company as a PSD2 TPP. This API will create user in developer portal and register your metadata from qualified certificate. Usage: curl -k -X POST --cert TPPcert1CA.pem:aaaa -H "accept: application/json" -H "Content-Type: application/json" "https://api.jtbank.cz/PSD2registration/1.0.0/tpps" -d @tppRegister.json where tppRegister.json contains your data { "tppId": "TPPbank", "tppName": "TPPbank", "ico": "123456789", "address": "Vsude doma 12, Mimo Prahu", "password": "123abc@&#xxxxxx", "firstName": "Golden" "lastName": "Team", "phoneNumber": "+420 987654320", "email": "mail.box@domain.cz", } Please, read the documentation before use on Documentation tab this API.

Business Information

Business Owner : Administrator [platbycr@jtbank.cz]

Technical Owner : esb [esb@jtbank.cz]


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