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This API provides our client´s PISP functionality for registered TPP´s. Please, read the documentation before use on Documentation tab PSD2Registration´s API.

Business Information

Business Owner : Administrator [zahranicni_platby_CR@jtbank.cz]

Technical Owner : esb [esb@jtbank.cz]


You require an access token to try the API. Please login and subscribe to the API to generate an access token.   If you already have an access token, please provide it below.

Warning! The selected application does not have an access token for the selected environment. Please go to the subscription page and generate an access token first.
Authorization : Bearer
Name Summary
How to call PSD2 API See Developer manual on PSD2Registration API documentation page. https://prodapim.jtfg.com/store/apis/info?name=PSD2Registration&version=1.0.0&provider=ADMIN
Download client-side SDKs for this API.